[argyllcms] inconsistencies in what different programs show

  • From: Leonard Evens <len@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 11:32:29 -0500

I have  two computers presently, each dual booting Fedora 11 and some
version of windows.  I've used argyllcms to calibrate/profile my
monitors under Fedora and the Xrite software to do so under Windows.  (I
haven't worried a much about getting it right under Windows.)  

I do my photo-editing using gimp under Fedora, but I am somewhat
concerned about what others may see on their (presumably uncalibrated)
monitors, so I've been checking one photograph of three (caucasian)
women as displayed by various programs.   I've discovered some

Gimp under Fedora 11 and Photoshop under Vista (on different computers)
show very similar flesh tones, as does Firefox on both.  Eye of Gnome
shows more saturated colors under Fedora, and inkscape does the same.  I
am not surprised about eog since, as I've discovered before, that
program makes use of color management only if the image file contains an
embedded profile.  But my previous experience with inkscape was that it
agreed with gimp.  Adding to my confusion is the fact that under Fedora,
I had to reboot to get Firefox to agree with gimp---previously to that
it also showed too saturated flesh tones.  I presume the problem with
Firefox had to do with incorporating a recent upgrade, which was
awaiting activation by the reboot.  But I don't understand what is going
on with inkscape.  

Sorry for the long story, but I would like advice about a couple of

(a) The programs mentioned presumably use different color management
packages. For example, I think inkscape is supposed to be using lcms,
while gimp may be doing it by itself.   I don't know what the Firefox
color management add-on does, but I think both Windows and Linux
versions of Firefox use the same add-on.   Can anyone provide any
information about such matters?

(b)  Does any of this give me any insight about what might happen on
uncalibrated displays?  Indeed, is there any sensible way to deal with
that problem?   In the present case, I  have about 100 photos which I
edited under gimp, which I need to send to someone else for use by an
organization for which I've been doing the photography.   
Leonard Evens len@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics, Northwestern University

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