[argyllcms] Re: i1pro wrong XYZ values

  • From: Roger <graxx@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 20:14:01 -0500


You don't mean the unit of spectral radiance reported by the EyeOnePro in
emissive mode, do you? Because I once asked the question to GretagMacbeth
and I was told microwatts/cm2/nm or mw/cm2/nm. It took a lot of
correspondence to get a firm answer to this one.


> Jörg Koch wrote:
> > One more questions; to which unit does the spectral data refer to?
> That's one of the questions that confused me. For reflective
> it is percent, for emissive, it's "spectral radiometric
> emission measurement", whatever that its. It seems to be something
> like KW/m^2 (Killowatts per meter squared), since to turn it into
> photometry units, it needs integrating with the luminous efficiency
> curve weighting, and scaling by 0.683 (there being 683 lumens per
> Watt),
> but maybe I'm not accounting for the wavelength correctly above (ie.
> maybe it's per nm, making the numbers independent of the sample
> bandwidth).
> Graeme Gill.

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