[argyllcms] i1Pro OEM; Wolf Faust's targets; i1D2 drift/error

  • From: Craig Ringer <craig@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 15:15:59 +0800


I've been using Argyll for some time, and today finally took delivery of
an i1Pro rev D (non-UV-cut) to supplement/replace my i1Display 2.

I stressed my use of Argyll CMS when registering my i1Pro, and noted
that I bought it in no small part because I can use it with 3rd party
software including open source software.

As you can imagine, I'm delighted by the results so far, though already
getting tired of scanning swatches. A 2500 swatch set is coming from the
press next week...

Anyway, Having bought the i1Basic package from X-Rite at rapacious
(albeit discounted) international dealership markups, I promptly
discovered a source for OEM i1Pro instruments that might interest people
on this list - if you don't know about it already.

These folks:


are focused on home theatre, but they seem to also sell the i1Pro
instrument its self without any X-Rite licenses. I didn't buy mine
though them, but I thought they might be worth looking into for anyone
considering making the jump.

I also noticed that the target list in the Argyll docs (Scenarios.html)
doesn't seem to list Wolf Faust's IT8 targets:


It might be worth pointing them out specifically, as they're *really*
cheap and seem (according to Argyll and my new i1Pro, plus others'
accounts) to be rather accurate. I bought his camera and scanner targets
myself, and was really impressed by his low prices, fast shipping, and
the quality of his products.

On a side note: I was rather suspicious of my i1Display 2, which
produced rather variable results and seemed to drift randomly. It's been
interesting to discover that my display calibrations have in fact been
significantly out - one display calibrated to approximate D65 according
to the i1Display 2 was actually closest to 7600K and rather well off the
daylight-adjusted black body curve as well. I've been seeing the same
variable results with both i1Match and Argyll CMS, so it's interesting
to see my suspicions about my i1Display 2 confirmed. Have others seen
high drift / variation, or is my instrument probably just defective?

Craig Ringer

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