[argyllcms] has anyone tried ColorVision PrintFIX ?

  • From: Stephan Bourgeois <strangelv@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 23:47:38 +0100

Hello everybody,
An update on my "digital camera as a poor man's colorimeter" experiment. I have created 2 new profiles using sRGB digital cameras as a sensor and xenon flash light as a light source. (Cameras were Kodak DX6440 and Canon Powershot A80). Both profiles show very little cast, pleasant skin tones and good rendition of low-saturation colors, large errors on highly-saturated colors. This is probably due to clipping in the IT8 acquisition. I will do more tests with a digital SLR in "raw" mode, and a broadcast 3CCD video camera. It looks like this method is applicable to produce profiles for "pleasing photographic output", really inadequate for soft-proofing or accurate work.

I have been looking at the colourmouse, after reading the technical paper quoted by Gerhard. The manufacturer told me that it is unfortunately discontinued. It's a shame because it seemed a clever and cost-effective product. Then I bumped into ColorVision PrintFIX. http://www.colorvision.com/profis/profis_view.jsp?id=242
This could be a scanner version of the colourmouse. The product is presented as "dedicated" for particular inkjet printers. However, it comes with a scanner with LED illumination that seems to produce a file into Photoshop. I am wondering what it's worth, and whether one could use it to "scan" a target for ArgyllCMS. It would have to be wide enough to feed an IT8. It is very aggressively priced.

All your comments will be appreciated.
Yours, Stephan.

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