[argyllcms] Re: dispwin sets the wrong X.org _ICC_PROFILE atom

  • From: Niccolò Belli <darkbasic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Richard Hughes <hughsient@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2016 00:49:04 +0100

On lunedì 21 novembre 2016 22:12:36 CET, Richard Hughes wrote:

Right, we have the concept of automatic mappings that the user can
override. If you "killall colord" the daemon will no longer set
entries. The other way of doing this is using "colormgr
device-inhibit" which stops any queries to colord returning results
for that device. It's designed for calibration, but I'm not sure
exactly what exactly you're trying to do.

I also had to delete the profiles in .config/color/icc/devices/display/ and .local/share/icc/, otherwise they kept reappearing in colord every time I started xiccd.

Now I seem to have a clean state, but at startup I get:
dispwin[1510]: segfault at 968 ip 00007fb37a0e2fbb sp 00007ffec6266710 error 4 in libX11.so.6.3.0[7fb37a0a5000+139000]

I don't kno who's trying to run dispwin at startup, maybe displaycal? How can I prevent it?

Now that I have a clean state dispwin started segfaulting when trying to open display 2:

dispwin -d 2 -s d2
Checking XRandR 1.2 VideoLUT access Adding Screen 0 CRTC 0 Output 0 Display 0 name = ':0.0' Unable to intern atom 'EDID_DATA' Got EDID for display CRTC of Screen 0 CRTC 1 has no mode or no output Checking XRandR 1.2 VideoLUT access Adding Screen 0 CRTC 2 Output 0
Display 1 name = ':0.0'
Unable to intern atom 'EDID_DATA'
Got EDID for display
CRTC of Screen 0 CRTC 3 has no mode or no output
new_dispwin called
new_dispwin: Unable to open display ':0.1'
dispwin_del called
Errore di segmentazione (core dump creato)

Displaycal doesn't even show display 2 among the displays I can access, just the first one.

$ dispwin -?
CRTC of Screen 0 CRTC 3 has no mode or no output
   1 = 'Monitor 1, Output DP1-8 at 0, 0, width 2560, height 1440'
   2 = 'Monitor 2, Output DP1-1 at 2560, 0, width 2560, height 1440'

Niccolò Belli

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