[argyllcms] Re: dispwin - Profile Load Question

  • From: Florian Höch <lists+argyllcms@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 21:10:27 +0100


"Dispwin: Error - Failed to get the displays current ICC profile"

..which is my main question.  How is "dispwin -L' supposed to find the ICC
profile, the one I initially installed by doing "dispwin -I path-to-file" ?

On Linux, dispwin installs the profile either to
or, if you use sudo and dispwin's -sl option, to

The profile location is written to the file color.jcnf, which maps displays to profiles.
That file is in ~/.config/ or (with sudo dispwin -sl) in /etc/xdg/

(actually, dispwin uses XDG_CONFIG_DIRS and XDG_DATA_DIRS to determine the directories)

dispwin -L reads the color.jcnf to load the correct profile. I don't know why it doesn't work in your case, though. You can check the above directories and color.jcnf to see if the profile was correctly installed.

(as a side note, I'd do dispwin -c -L, which clears the calibration before loading it from the profile, instead of just -L. Although I don't think it'll solve the issue you're having, it's still a good idea)


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