[argyllcms] dispcal AMD64 problems [Re: Re: dispcal and "conjgrad failed" error]

  • From: Pablo d'Angelo <pablo.dangelo@xxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2006 07:53:57 +0200

Graeme Gill schrieb:
> Pablo d'Angelo wrote:
>> I have just received my new DTP-94, and started playing around with it.
>> I'm using ubuntu dapper on AMD64. I also managed to compile the source
>> after
>> tweaking the Jamfiles, but the resulting dispcal always failed:
>> pablo@svalbart:~/src/argyll-0.60-jam/spectro$ ./dispcal -r
>> dispcal: Error - Unable to open the display
>> pablo@svalbart:~/src/argyll-0.60-jam/spectro$
> Sorry, not much idea about that (apart from the posted
> fix for the XChangeProperty 64 bit problem).
> What does "dispcal -?" do ?
> Does it list any available displays ?

No, unfortunately not:

pablo@svalbart:~/src/argyll-0.60-jam/bin$ ./dispcal -\?
Calibrate a Display, Version 0.60.2
Author: Graeme W. Gill, licensed under the GPL
Diagnostic: Usage requested
usage: dispcal [options] outfile
 -v               Verbose mode
 -display displayname Choose X11 display name
 -d n                 Choose the display from the following list (default 1)
    ** No displays found **
 -c listno            Set communication port from the following list (default 1)
    1 = '/dev/ttyS0'
    2 = '/dev/ttyS1'
    3 = '/dev/ttyS2'
    4 = '/dev/ttyS3'
 -a                   Run instrument calibration first
 -r                   Report the current display calibration then exit
 -m                   Skip adjustment of the monitor controls
 -u [profile.icm]     Update previous calibration [update profile with new
 -i 92|94|SO          Select target instrument
                      92 = DTP92, 94 = DTP94, SO = Spectrolino
 -q [vlmhu]           Quality - Very Low, Low, Medium (def), High, Ultra
 -y c|l               Display type, c = CRT, l = LCD
 -t [temp]            White Daylight locus target, optional target
temperaturee in deg. K (deflt.)
 -T [temp]            White Black Body locus target, optional target
temperaturee in deg. K
 -w x,y               Set the target white point as chromaticity coordinates
 -b bright            Set the target brightness in cd/m^2
 -g gamma             Set the target response curve gamma (Def. 2.2)
                      Use "-gl" for L*a*b* curve
                      Use "-gs" for sRGB curve
 -k factor            Amount to try and correct black point. Default is 1.0
 -e                   Run verify pass on final curves
 -E                   Run only verify pass on current display setup
 -p ho,vo,ss          Position test window and scale it
                      ho,vi: 0.0 = left/top, 0.5 = center, 1.0 =
right/bottom etc.
                      ss: 0.5 = half, 1.0 = normal, 2.0 = double etc.
 -n                   Don't set override redirect on test window
 -N                   Disable auto calibration of instrument
 -D                   Print debug diagnostics to stderr
 outfile              Base name for output .cal file


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