[argyllcms] collInk for softproofing

  • From: Diego Carra <twwcar@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Argyll list <argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2012 08:28:48 +0200

Hello recently our belowed Graeme Gill posted these command to user Xavi 
telling could be good for softproofing # Create proofing transform from output 
to AdobeRGB collink -v -ila -G -qh
-cpp -dmt Argyllv140_396parxes48Gris3Blanc.icm AdobeRGB1998.icm
# Create proof image back in AdobeRGB space cctiff
Argyllv140_396parxes48Gris3Blanc_v.icm skin_sky_p.jpg skin_sky_pv.jpg So I 
tried these command but probably unfotunately i miunderstand the real power of 
these command Now I tell you what I did. I though to use all the two command 
with an image of mine and using .icm file created for a backlit panel to arrive 
to a jpg file show me the softproof. But Unfortunately the jpg I arrive is 
really jellowish and tint uncolored. (unfortunately I can't show you becouse is 
publish protected copyrith) So I ask you the ICM profile I arrive with collink 
could be used in photoshoph to soft proof? In any way normally I use the Icm 
file I create with argyll with colprof to make my softproof in photoshop, Is 
this procedure correct? Or not at all. tahnking you for any help I send you my 
best regards.FaithfullyDiego Carra                                              

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