[argyllcms] Re: XYZ LUT profile unable to be installed on Windows XP or used with Firefox 3.5

  • From: Alexander <adfirestone@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms <argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 14:54:05 -0800

> The -ax key means that a LUT-in-XYZ-space profile will be built.

Yes, that is why I specified the -ax key.

> It's possible that the Windows didn't know XYZ-LUT profiles at all. It only 
> accepts the matrix and Lab-LUT profiles. IMHO.

Both Windows and Firefox are fine with XYZ LUT profiles created by
Profile Maker, ColorEyes, basICColor, ect. Argyll is the only one that
doesn't work.

As stated previously I believe it may be because Argyll doesn't
include the rXYZ, bXYZ, gXYZ, rTRC, bTRC, and gTRC tags on it's XYZ
LUT profiles like the other previously mentioned applications do in
their XYZ LUT profiles. It seems like it should be a simple fix for
Graeme Gill to make if that is really all it is.

> Just try -g or -s keys for colprof. The profile will be shaper&matrix in the 
> case and FireFox will handle such profiles well.

Yes, both Windows and Firefox have always been fine with shaper &
matrix profiles created by Argyll, but I want to be using an XYZ LUT
profile, which is why I posted this.

> I think there no problems in Argyll.

The problem is Argyll doesn't seem to be able to make XYZ LUT profiles
that are compatible with Windows or Firefox which both support XYZ LUT
profiles just fine. Other profiling applications don't have this

> It looks like the Profile Maker do the matrix&shaper profile. Not a 
> LUT-profile.

Profile Maker is able to create both LUT and Matrix profiles.
The 'Large' option in Profile Maker 5 creates an XYZ LUT profile. The
'Default' option creates a Matrix profile.

> The type of profile You try to build is not an appropriate for the case. Try 
> to built a simple matrix profile.

Why is using matrix profile for color critical work more appropriate
then a higher quality LUT profile? Unfortunately the Argyll
shaper/matrix profiles don't produce close similar enough enough
output to the LAB LUT profiles created from the same .ti3 values,
which I why I just want to use the same XYZ LUT profile in Photoshop,
Windows, and Firefox so they all behave near identically (or at least
close enough).

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