[argyllcms] Re: Wow

  • From: Stephan Bourgeois <strangelv@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 08:35:36 +0100

> Good  to hear  you  got  a great  result. I'm  not sure  there's
> any  reason  to  use  -qu  ("Ultra")  though.  -qm  or  -qh  are
> perfectly reasonable settings. [...]

Um...gee, thanks. /Now/ you tell me!

How 'bout renaming it to ``Useless Overkill''? That way, the flag
can stay the same but poor schmucks like me will get the point....

As far as human interface is concerned, may I recommend the approach used by lame (mp3 encoder). They are documented by typing "lame --preset help"
"--preset medium" This preset should provide near transparency
to most people on most music.

    "--preset standard" This preset should generally be transparent
                            to most people on most music and is already
                            quite high in quality.

    "--preset extreme" If you have extremely good hearing and similar
                            equipment, this preset will generally provide
                            slightly higher quality than the "standard"

  For CBR 320kbps (highest quality possible from the --preset switches):

    "--preset insane"  This preset will usually be overkill for most
                            people and most situations, but if you must
                            have the absolute highest quality with no
                            regard to filesize, this is the way to go.

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