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  • From: Hening Bettermann <hein@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2015 21:07:07 +0100

On 08 Nov 2015, at 20:40h, Ben Goren <ben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


One thing that would be good to know would be your goal. What is it you wish
to do with the profile once you've got it? Profiles can be used for all sorts
of things. For some of the use cases, the things Iliah and I have been
mentioning are irrelevant but other things we haven't mentioned are critical,
and vice-versa.

Or...the profile is a means to an end. As such, it's important to not get
hung up on the means if that'll hinder the path to the end.


Hi Ben,

thank you for your concern, and sorry that I failed to specify this before. I
am an amateur, but with some ambitions (you may get an impression on my web
site, landshape.net). The goal is landscape with a reasonable true color; and
to get the best out of the hardware (dynamic range).

As a result of Elle Stones replies earlier in this thread, I am trying to
follow her procedure for camera profiling:
I have made a profile according to her recipe and am now trying to improve it
by including the black trap and the Teflon tape.

The first result of my ongoing research: I have re-membered, that Iridient has
default shadow and highlight clipping. I remember that Brian told me that these
are camera-specific and given by the manufacturer, and are better left alone.
For the a7r1, shadows are clipped below 78, highlights above 246. Highlights
can be raised by the user to 250, but no more. This does not change the
clipping warning in my test shot. Shadows can be lowered to 0. 74 shows my test
image just free of shadow clipping warning. Very low values turn the image

Happy that you help me! - Hening

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