[argyllcms] Re: What colorchart I should buy?

  • From: Klaus Karcher <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 01 Jan 2010 17:19:02 +0100

Konstantin Pyanzin wrote:
Klaus Karcher wrote:
At the moment, the only way to obtain XRite's reference file is to
 install one of the Xrite Profiling packages (e.g. ProfileMaker).
You don't need a ProfileMaker dongle for this purpose.


[1] whole discussion: Thread "CororChecker SG CIE reference values
(or lack of)" in <http://lists.apple.com/archives/Colorsync-users/2009/Dec/threads.html> and <http://lists.apple.com/archives/Colorsync-users/2009/Dec/thrd2.html>)

I've read the discussion in Apple Colorsync-users mailing list.
Sorry, but it isn't right. There are two official reference files
from X-Rite. One is in the ProfileMaker package and second is in the
Eye-One Match package (in "Reference Files\Camera" subdirectory).

The current Eye-One match file contains exactly the same data as one of the files I mentioned in

CREATED "3/24/2004"  # Time: 20:14

Only filenames differ and the formating of the eye-one match 3 file looks a little bit mucked up, so I guess my file comes from an elder eye-one Match version.

They are different with max dE94=2.5

exactly. DE94 max/avg 2.5/0.82, DE00 max/avg 2.32/0.67.

IMHO, they are useless for users that have not spectrophotometers

can you explain why you think they are useless?

for example, my own ColorChecker SG
differs from both reference files. The difference between my
ColorChecker SG values (measured by two i1Pro spectros) and the
ProfileMaker reference values reaches dE94=3.6; between my
ColorChecker SG measured values and the i1Match reference values
reaches dE94=3.8

DE94 max I guess. What are the DE94/DE00 avg values? Would you mind sending me your own measurement files?

Thank you.

BTW.: I compared the reference file for the target of another vendor (even more expensive than CCSG) with my own measurements (carefully measured with several instruments and averaged) and got
DE94 max/avg 5.17/1.79 DE00 max/avg 5.01/1.60


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