[argyllcms] Re: Use of DTP-22 digital swatchbook with ArgyllCMS

  • From: "Wolf Faust" <wfaust@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 16:54:07 +0100

On 4 Feb 2007 at 17:59, admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Great minds think alike :-)  I have a Wolf Faust target, and all of the 
> patches that I've tested are within a few tenths of a deltaE, so I'm 
> confident that the DTP-22 is in good working order.  I suspect that my 
> problem is not the patches, or the printers I'm trying to calibrate (2 
> inkjets, and 1 dyesub) but in how I'm using the Argyll software, or there 
> may be a glitch in the software that converts between ColorPort and the ti2 
> and ti3 files.  

Mike, I also own a very old DTP 22. Actually, it was the first 
spectrometer I owned privatly (beside the benchtop devices I worked 
with at a lab). Compared to the IT8 reference file you get with my 
IT8 targets, the DTP should show roughly a Lab b component that is 
lower by 2-3 because of the stronger UV content of the DTP 22 light 
source. Reading the IT8 target paper white you should get a visible 
blue cast in your measurement (at least I see it here). Otherwise the 
values should differ by roughly mean Lab dE 1 (max ~5) from the 
reference file, wich I think is surprisingly good and surely good 
enough for most practical purposes if the profiling software can 
handle the ow problem.

If you own ColorShop 2.x, let me know your target charge by email and 
I see if I do have an EPS file for it with spectral data. Currently 
EPS files are only included for the film targets but I can provide 
EPS data for newer reflective charges on request. This might allow 
you to see what is causing the bigger differences (I think it was 
mainly blue(?) with the DTP 22... most likely because of the limited 
spectral resolution of the DTP 22).

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