[argyllcms] Re: Tag for color space

  • From: Martin Ling <martin-argyll@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 17:36:36 +0100

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 05:12:46PM +0100, Frédéric Mantegazza wrote:
> I'm wondering something: is the Exif.Photo.colorSpace tage normalized? For 
> example, with my EOS 20D, it is set to 'sRGB' when I use the sRGB color 
> space on the camera, and set to 'uncalibrated' when I set color space to 
> AdobeRGB :o/

I found it quoted that:

"The specification for EXIF 2.21 (JEITA CP3451-1, section 4.6.5-B) states
that 'if a color space other than sRGB is used, Uncalibrated (=FFFF.H)
is set.'"

Hence only 1 (sRGB) and 65535 (Uncalibrated) are standardised.

However it seems some sources have started using 2 for AdobeRGB and this
is recognised as such by ExifTool and perhaps other software.


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