[argyllcms] Sony Artisan puck

  • From: Marwan Daar <marwan.daar@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2014 01:15:30 -0400

A couple acquaintances who own Sony Artisan CRTs (Sony GDM-C520K) are interested in using the puck that it comes with to take real time measurements. The Sony color reference system software doesn't seem to allow this function, and instead only allows you to input calibration targets and have the system autocalibrate.

Here's what one of them had to say about the puck:

"The puck was developed by a Sequel Imaging, Inc., a small east cost company that was later on purchased by Gretag MacBeth, which later on was purchased by X-Rite. All these folks ended up working for X-Rite but the drivers they developed for the Sony color sensor (puck) were never upgraded to any 64-bit version and/or any other program other than the Sony CRS program which only works with Windows Xp 32-Bit. We had some success in making the puck work with a calibration software developed by a german company called BasICColor."

Graeme, do you think the puck would work with one of your Argyll drivers? If not, does anyone have any suggestions on other ways to get real time measurements from this device?

This is my first post on this mailing list - if it's inappropriate let me know (gently).


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