[argyllcms] Re: Snapshot V0.70 Beta 4 compile error on Mac OSX

  • From: Andrej Javoršek <Andrej.Javorsek@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 20:00:57 +0200

While I can compile beta 3 just fine I can not compile beta 4 (usb related stuff fails).
Starting error is:

...found 152 target(s)...
...updating 8 target(s)...
warning: using independent target ./configure ; rm -f libusb.a
GenFileNND1 Makefile
checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c
checking whether build environment is sane... configure: error: newly created file is older than distributed files!
Check your system clock
Cc usb.o
In file included from usb.c:14:
usbi.h:4:17: error: usb.h: No such file or directory
In file included from usb.c:14:
usbi.h:58: warning: 'struct usb_config_descriptor' declared inside parameter list usbi.h:58: warning: its scope is only this definition or declaration, which is probably not what you want
usbi.h:59: error: parse error before '*' token
usbi.h:67: error: parse error before '*' token
usbi.h:68: error: parse error before '*' token
usb.c: In function 'usb_find_busses':

I'm runing Mac OSX 10.4.9
uname -a
Darwin mordor2.local 8.9.1 Darwin Kernel Version 8.9.1: Thu Feb 22 20:55:00 PST 2007; root:xnu-792.18.15~1/RELEASE_I386 i386 i386

Best Regards!

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Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering
Chair of Information and Graphic Arts Technology
Snežniška 5
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tel. +386 1 200 32 63
E-Mail: andrej.javorsek@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

On 2007.5.16, at 16:20, Graeme Gill wrote:

To collect a number of small fixes over the last month,
I've put together a fourth Beta test release as follows,
for those interested:


Notable changes from Beta 3 are:

 icclib now allows reading and writing of unknown tag types.
 Added a 50msec delay between updating a display test patch and
 triggering an instrument read.
 Fixed issues with OS X locating displays.
 Added profile comment options to link/icclink.
 Made black generation consistent between profile and icclink.
 Added "patch by patch" mode to printread for spot/strip instruments.
Added patch consistency tolerance modifier to printread for the Eye-One Pro.

Graeme Gill.

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