[argyllcms] Slightly wrong black levels on projector

  • From: Antonio Marcheselli <antonio.marcheselli@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2015 20:22:34 +0000

Hello Graeme,

Thanks for your support here!
I'd like your opinion on something please.
First, I have already discussed this with Florian on his support forum and we both agree that this is being a little fussy. So more than an issue this is just being curious. Also, I kind of remember checking the levels before and they were just spot on.

Ok, my projector is not the best on the planet - old Panasonic AX200 - and its black level is poor. My room is also not a dedicated one. All will change at some point but for now this is what I can do.

Please find below a picture I've just taken with my camera. I have set the exposure so it kind of looks as it should. Level 18 is barely flashing, you really need to look for it and go by the screen. Level 17 is completely dark.


I have tried adjusting the levels before doing a calibration. Makes sense to me, but when adjusting brightness and contrast I am also changing the white balance on the Panasonic - which I can further adjust but losing some of the light. In fact adjusting the levels before doing a calibration generated a better result in terms of black levels.

What is the level of fussiness here in your opinion? I feel that the perfect black level is crucial for a good calibration.

Thanks for your continued efforts in developing this great software - both you and Florian are stars!!!


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