[argyllcms] Re: Simple and preliminary profile for epson 3880

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There is one other option with the 3880.  Eric Chan, one of the Adobe software 
engineers who works on Lightroom, posts ABW profiles on his website:  
http://people.csail.mit.edu/ericchan/dp/Epson3800/index.html  They work quite 
well and if the paper you are interested in is not there he can make a profile 
for you relatively cheaply.  He uses more patches than QTR does.  Fortunately, 
the two main papers I print on:  Ilford Gold Fiber Silk and Museo Silver Rag 
have 3880 ABW profiles.  Check out his site as he has excellent notes on the 
3800/3880 printers.




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Hi Alan,

Thanx for your quick reply. 
My existing profiles are made with Argyll so it should be v2
Number of patches - well I did profiles with under 1k  and 2,5k patches and,
I maybe imagine that, but I think later are a notch better to my eyes.
If no one come up with better advice I might play with CM and QTR
as advised here:
northlight-images co uk / article_pages / bw_printing / bw_print_colormunki html

Instead of playing with preliminary profiles but for now colour prints are a 
bit more important to me than B&W.
I haven't done any extensive tests or a lot of prints using Epson ABW - I might 
try that as well, before playing with QTR
to see if there is any change for better.

Any other views more than welcome;]

Many thanx,

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On 20 May 2011 17:51, Alan Goldhammer <agoldhammer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I think you need to ask the question whether your existing profiles are 
deficient and if so in which color regions.  First you need to check whether 
any of the existing Epson profiles you have are version 2 or 4 profiles.  I 
don't believe version 4 profiles will work with Argyll (I know that my 
ColorMunki software creates Version 4 profiles as a default and they are not 
read by Argyll).  Personally I think you are using too many patches for 
creating Epson 3880 profiles.  I used 980 patches with my ColorMunki and got 
very fine profiles as judged by a visual test print (I have an i1 spectro on 
order to refine these profiles).    One other point in the p/s, you will get 
better results in B&W printing if you use the Epson ABW print driver.  It gives 
you a deeper black and better (but not perfect) linearity.  There are ways to 
profile the ABW print driver for improved linearity using QTR or having a 
custom profile made.  At this point I don't believe Argyll supports creation of 
this type of profile though I would like to see one given the amount of B&W 
printing that I do.






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