[argyllcms] Several brands black inks for Dmax tests on 500+ papers

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That is the project I'm going to undertake.

The Dmax data will be added to the SpectrumViz information.
I bought 2 secondhand Epson desktop models; R220 and an R300.
Both 6 channel models, 3 picoliter minimum droplet size and QTR supported.
Cleaning the printers right now, if there are issues I will buy another one, they are dirt cheap. Two sets of refillable carts ACR are ordered. Each channel could get a different black ink, one printer with MK, the other with PK. I might go for two channels sharing the same ink to even out differences between ink channels. In that case I have only 3 brands I can test. For efficiency I have to print the 3 or 6 greyscale wedges, MK or PK, in one run. It will still take a year before I have all the data.

The method for printing and measuring will be described on my site.

I will at least test:
Canon Lucia pigment MK and PK in the latest version: iPF8300, 9400.
HP Vivera pigment MK and PK: Z3100, Z3200.
Epson Ultrachrome K3 pigment MK PK: 11880 or a more recent model: see below.

The HP inks I have, the Canon inks I probably can get fast enough, the Epson will take longer. There is no chance I will order carts like that due to costs but I expect a friend can provide me with some near empty wide format carts of the Canon, Epson (the last may take some time). Which brings me to the request to send me similar near empty carts which are not beyond their expiry date. It could help to start this project faster.

The same for Eboni ink and MIS PK black in that category. If there are enough requests to add more brands pigment inks and I receive the inks I can go up to 6 brands. OCP might be a candidate for Europe, Piezography for the US.

My mail address is on my home web page, The Netherlands.

Met vriendelijke groet, Ernst Dinkla

December 2012: 500+ inkjet media paper white spectral plots.

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