[argyllcms] Re: Remove UV filter from Eye-One Pro?

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Agreed, the new version has the ability to do M2.  The comment was driven based 
on conversation with xrite at which time I was told "don't assume that every 
i1pro2 is the same, you should still check for the uv-cut-only situation as 
with the i1pro original."  Note I do development work with the device so came 
into that discussion some time ago.

Never saw the older 'best color' models.  You say Rev.A which is pretty early.  
Most I've dealt with are later Rev.D.

Bottomline I had wanted to answer the standing question -- no one cannot remove 
the filter off a uv-cut-only device.

PS> Keep up the awesome work!

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Jason J. Campbell wrote:


> To my knowledge, this is still the same deal with the newer i1Pro2.

I don't think they are making two version of the i1pro2 - with M2, why would 
you need it ? There's no mention on their website, and all the reviews I've 
seen say that there is no UV filter version.

> For general purpose use, you should
> be able to survive with a uv-cut instrument,

Only if it matches your viewing environment (UV poor), or you are using FWA 
free paper, or you are merely measuring to a UV excluded standard, rather than 
for viewing.

> EFI was a big supplier of the OEM'ed
> uv-cut i1's -- if you look on ebay, you will see most uv-cut units 
> have the EFI mark on the body.

Strangely, one of the i1pro Rev A instruments I've acquired is branded 
"best.eye", and is UV included (no filter).

Graeme Gill.

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