[argyllcms] Re: Recommendations to tweak ArgyllCMS profile to open up shadows?

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Hi Brad,

I experimented with both absolute colorimetric and relative colorimetric, absolute showed white as a beige whereas relative was a very good match to the screens except for the mid-to-shadow area which is way too dark on the two brands of matte papers I've tried.

For soft proofing I am using the Qimage Ultimate (2014.250). I also have Photoshop but am unclear how to soft proof there. Images were post-processed using Capture One.

I am viewing the prints using dual Philips 40W daylight balanced flourescents in my office as well as actual daylight through my office window during the day.

I wonder if the matte ink / paper combination is giving ArgyllCMS issues due to high ink dot gain? Printing on glossy photo looks much better using the same targets and hardware. I was hoping that someone could offer up some magical adjustments (i.e., settings to control max ink densities, tweak curves, generate more patches targeting darker shades, etc.).


On 12/3/2014 10:44 AM, Brad Funkhouser wrote:

Looking at various viewing light standards a while ago I remember the level
of light on the print ranging between 500 and 2000 Lux.  My viewing lights
put 1000 Lux on the print and my display brightness is 120 cd/m2.

I've found that trying to match prints to displays is very sensitive
business... viewing light & display brightness, white points, surrounds,
ambient light levels, textures, gloss, viewing light spectrum, angles, paper
optical brighteners... they all play significant factors.


What rendering intent are you using when printing and what system are you
using for soft proofing?


- Brad

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Seasons greetings fellow ArgyllCMS users

Could someone provide recommendations on how to tweak the ArgyllCMS
profiling process to open up shadows for printed output? Using Windows
7, ArgyllCMS 1.6.3 and printing to a Canon IPF6350 with genuine OEM inks
on various matte paper (Epson, Canon)

I have calibrated / profiled my dual monitor setup so they are a very
close match to each other. The three-quarter-tones to shadow areas
printed on matte paper are maybe 1 - 2 f-stops too dark compared to the
screens. Printing the same image on photo glossy paper is much better
(roughly 1/2 f-stop too dark in that region).

Results from ArgyllCMS / ColorMunki and ArgyllCMS / Pulse DTP20 printer
profiles produce very similar results.



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