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I'm not the only one which has noted this behavior on Snow Leopard. Do 
you have tried the program on the last mac OS? When I feel in my 
password it did not catch it.

Thank you for this project that bring 
near many user to a great software, but I stay waiting for the 
implementation of the profile verification :-)


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Difficult in calibration


regarding the profile installation error 
in dispcalGUI, it's probably 
just a permissions issue - normally it 
should prompt for a password when 
you select system scope upon profile 
installation, if it doesn't work 
(maybe no password set?), try user 
scope instead.
(The AppleScript related errors are also interesting, as 
I don't use the 
mentioned script anywhere in my code, but atleast you 
can safely ignore 


Florian Höch

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