[argyllcms] Qs re: mapping of Scanner Input Profiles

  • From: Derin Korman <derin.korman@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 23:31:07 +0000

Graeme had replied to a part of this question, and I couldn't figure out
how to reply without spamming the list with the entirety of the digest. Is
there a good way to do that? Ok that aside:

Graeme, you had mentioned that Matrix profiles are only colorimetric, which
is what I had assumed, but then suggested that using perceptual for
scanners is a good idea. Did you mean that I for cLUT based profiles?
Shaper can't do this either right?

Following that question, If I know what my working space profile will be in
the end, is there a way to build a profile that has a specific a2b table to
optimize the transformation? ie. going from scanner profile > adobe rgb

I currently use the following(replaced strings with # to keep it short)
colprof -v -A "Heidelberg" -M "#" -D "#" -O "#" -ZT -qm -bn -as #

finally, and on an unrelated topic, is there a way to output a diagnostic
that would show which patches show what sort of error like some other
software does? This is very helpful in figuring out when something
unexpected goes wrong with a patch or two.


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