[argyllcms] Re: Profiling backlit film with Monitor

  • From: Alexey Gribunin <Gribunin@xxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2017 16:36:47 +0300

On 23/11/2017 09:15, Tony Mah wrote:

> Wondering if this is possible?

> I have an NEC monitor with a 3d LUT set at D65, could I:

> 1. print a sheet of backlit film with color patches

> 2. display white on the monitor

> 3. put the film on my calibrated monitor

> 4. use my i1pro and measure each patch like a piece of paper

For sure, it's possible!
I'm making such profiling from time to time and the quality of such profiles seems to me almost perfect. It gave very good visual gray balance, smooth gradients and perfect details in highlights and shadows. I think it's almost all we want from icc profile for photo reproduction :)))

On 23/11/2017 15:17, Graeme Gill wrote:
> it's much less important what the color temperature is,
> than how spectrally continuous it is, and how uniform it is.

Absolutely agree with Graeme, the color temperature itself is not so important. I would say, the most important things are uniformity and stability.

> A good quality light box may be a better bet, or a second hand DTP41T.

In the past I used LCD monitor without matrix (it was damaged, but lamp itself was good, so I just remove the matrix and used it as a light table). But the uniformity and stability is not very good, so it was necessary to calibrate i1Pro every few patches.

Now I'm using iPad (!) and found it much more stable (auto-brightness=off).

But calibration every 10-15 patches is also highly desirable. It's necessary to get really repeatable and reliable values.
I'm calibrating device during measurements in two different ways:
1. I'm making ArgyllCMS native calibration every 75 patches.
2. I'm measuring white patch every 15 patches and making linear spectral correction afterwords in EXCEL.

Best regards,
Alexey Gribunin, UNIT Color Technologies, Moscow, Russia.

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