[argyllcms] Re: Profiling a Minilab

  • From: "Alastair M. Robinson" <profiling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 03 Jul 2010 18:03:36 +0100

Hi :)

On 03/07/10 16:29, edmund ronald wrote:

On the other hand, I've never used Argyll with just a few hundred patches ....

For what it's worth, my experience has been that Argyll does a pretty good job overall when the number of patches is small. Back when my only instrument was a ColorMouse which had to be placed individually on each patch, I was getting RGB profiles of "acceptable" quality* using only 120 patches in total. A dozen or so of those were hand-picked to cover the near-grey axis more thoroughly.

(* by "acceptable" I mean good enough that photos look nice, as opposed to good enough that printed Pantone colours match the swatchbook!)

All the best
Alastair M. Robinson

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