[argyllcms] Re: Problem with yellow gradient after 1700 patches on rgb printer

  • From: "M. Kupiec" <markupiec@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 20:26:37 +0100

The problem occures on epson printer with proof manager and profile
assigned. Test image was iso coated cmyk gradients 0-100% each
Calibration was made remotely  so i only based on telephone conversation,
and differences to good reference print.
Soon  i'll get the some test strips printed on new profile to read, then
I'll get solid data,

profile was maked this way:

chartread -v -H -T0.4
colprof -v -qu -D"t1" -qm -S AdobeRGB1998.icc -cmt -dpp t1
profcheck -v2 -k -i D50 -o 1931_2 -w t1.ti3 t1.icm > t1.log

all files are  here http://www.artifot.pl/!test/

Did i made mistake somewhere?
I hope that data help to make some judgment.

Btw i saw profilemaker 5  charts a4page  that had 40x40  paches on a4 card
is it possible to get higher density sampes on page and safe to read with
standard i1pro hand ruler?


2012/1/25 Graeme Gill <graeme@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> M. Kupiec wrote:
> > After the calibration yellow gradient 0 -100% become slightly blue in low
> > values 15-30%. There is happening something weird with the image
> Hi,
>        you description is vague. What sort of test are you running
> to make this assesment? What is the workflow involved (ie.
> source profile, colors involved, intents, CMM/platform etc.)
> Please provide a link to your .ti3 file, the colprof
> options and arguments used, and any other profiles involved.
> Graeme Gill.


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