[argyllcms] Re: Problem with 1.1.0 RC2 ?

  • From: andrzej duda <desdaa@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 01:03:39 +0100

On 15 Dec 2009, at 00:00, Graeme Gill wrote:

I think you will find that there is no practical significance to
what you observe, since the colors involved are outside the
spectrum locus, and therefore can never occur in real world


So I've tried to "experiment" with calibration settings.
Changing k1 to k0 had little effect but f1 k0 A20 gave
LUT curves with no color hue in the dark grays.
Was it f1 or A20 I can't say.

It would be interesting to know which of these had the greatest effect.

It was f1 (see pictures).
I didn't play with -A (every run takes +- 2 hours here).

Today I got even better one (for my purposes) using -B0.1
dispcal -v -d1 -c1 -P0.672,0.22,2.75 -H -qh -t6500 -b100 -g2.2 -f1 -k0 -A20 -B0.1

JPEG image

Here with -f0
dispcal -v -d1 -c1 -P0.672,0.22,2.75 -H -qh -t6500 -b100 -g2.2 -f0 -k0 -A20

PNG image

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