[argyllcms] Re: Problem recognising chart. Argyle 1.0.4_DTP20_untethered

  • From: Rob <rob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 01 Dec 2009 22:47:51 +0000

Thanks for the quick response. I read it first thing in the day but can't reply till I'm back on the registered email account.

The sequence of actions I followed was:

a) Fully charge device and unplug it from usb.
b) Clear device memory using the untethered procedure for this. (On a previous test, with a second DTP20 also at 1.02 formware, I had additionally reset and calibrated the device but that made no difference i.e. results were the same non recognition of target ID). c) Scan the top TID row. This like the subsequent patch rows, was done by single press of the button then a swipe of the row getting the green pulse and success tone. d) Scan each patch row. Each row processed left to right only (On previous tests I had done bi-directional scanning and wanted to eliminate this).
e) Plug device into USB and execute 'chartread'

I can't offer any sensible comment on 'single strip mode' I'm afraid - being a complete newcomer to this game my knowledge is entirely limited to what is in your documentation and the DTP20's user guide.

Would it be helpful if I reset & cleared the DTP20, then read in just the TID row and checked in debug to see if it was recognised? Can't think of anything much else I can do at the moment ...


Graeme Gill wrote:
Rob wrote:
I am having a first stab at using the Argylle software for an Epson r2400 and an x-rite DTP20 spectrometer, which unfortunately is 1.02 formware so I have to use it untethered.

I first created a target with 'targen -v -d 9 -f 540  ./k3_540_1a4'
Then produced (and printed with gimp) a target as 'printtarg -v -i 20 -t -p A4 -C k3_540_1a4' and then subsequently scanned this chart with the untethered DTP20.

The DTP20 read the chart without problems and I am now trying to read the DTP20 stored patches with 'chartread -v ./k3_540_1a4' but there seems to be a problem recognising the chart.

Can't use saved spots because they don't match chart


There seems to be a problem with how you read the chart.

dtp20: Sending '00GM^M'response '19^M<00>^M' ICOM err 0x0
dtp20: Sending 'CS^M'response '01^M<00>^M' ICOM err 0x0
dtp20: Sending '00GM^M'response '19^M<00>^M' ICOM err 0x0
Can't use saved spots because they don't match chart

This indicates the problem. There appear to be 19 individual
spot readings in the instrument, but no read chart.
(the response to the CS command will be 3 if there is a chart
in the instrument. Instead it returned 1, which indicates a
normal "instrument ready").

Did you clear the instrument before reading the chart ?
Did you successfully read the TID and then the strips ?

Another possibility is that the 1.02 firmware doesn't
have the same status responses (there is a cryptic
note in the X-Rite documentation for 1.03 saying
"Added new status codes for supporting simple-strip mode").
If this is the case then I might have to change the way
that a read chart is detected.

    Graeme Gill.

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