[argyllcms] Re: Printing a target from cinepaint to a printer driven by gutenprint

  • From: Gerhard Fuernkranz <nospam456@xxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 17:58:53 +0200

Lars Tore Gustavsen wrote:
> My goal in the long run is to make a high quality profile for printing
> 16- bit files from cinepaint to my epson r2400 with the gutenprint
> driver. I will also use the very nice photoprint tool.
> First cinepaint  is capable of printing 16-bit files. The target that
> argyll creates is as far as I can see 8 bit. Is it possible to create
> 16 bit target in argyll?

The command printtarg creates a PostScript file, and in PostScript,
colors are specified as floating point numbers. So there is IMO no
limitation to 8 bits per se, but it depends on the used ghostscript
backend, whether it can create 16-bit image files. I don't know whether
the psdcmyk which you did mention below is 16-bit capable, is it?

> This question is more off topic from argyll, but since it is related, I put 
> it here. Should I disable all colormanagment in cinepaint before I read the 
> target?

Yes, a printer target must be printed "raw" w/o any color management.
Btw, I'm wondering, does cinepaint support a CMYK working space, or does
it generally convert CMYK files to RGB when they are loaded? Is it able
to print CMYK images at all (directly, and not via RGB)? If it can't,
then you won't be be able to print a CMYK target via cinepaint at all,
and you'll be restricted to RGB printing.


> I think I have read something like that for more windows based
> workflows.
> When I load the target (the ps file) in cinepaint I get a popup window
> named "PDF load settings".
> When I load a CMYK target, is it correct with this settings in this window?
> Intermediate format: PSD cmyk/rgb (this is the only format where I can
> select cmyk)
> Select colorspace:    Cmyk
> Resolution:           300
> It looks like cinepaint use a ISOcoated.icc profile somewhere in this
> import process.
> I can also convert the postscript file by hand to a tiff file like this
>  gs -sDEVICE=psdcmyk -dNOPAUSE -r300 -sOutputFile=PrinterB.psd
> PrinterB.ps -c quit
> but I guess this is almost the same as cinepaint does.
> I also need some guidance for the printing step itself. There is two
> methods in cinepaint. Direct printing or printing with a separation
> profile. I assume that the latter is to be used when I have  made my
> printer profile. So I guess it's correct to use the "direct printing
> cmyk" option.  This option require 16 bit data so I need to convert
> the image before I print.
> Before I started cinepaint I have edited my ~/cinepaint/printcap and
> created a new entry for the printer and  paper type I plan to use. It
> also contain the   "Parameter ColorCorrection String True
> "Uncorrected" line.  To be sure that gutenprint don't fix the color
> itself.  I will use this entry when I print with my created printer
> profile later.
> Anything else I have forgotten?
> Lars Tore Gustavsen

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