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  • Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 13:33:54 +0200

Hi Bill,

the answer isn't that easy as it seems to be.
From the theoretical point of view it should be the Adobe RGB 1998 because it is the source profile in your case.

In real world things often differ.

The question is the size of the images gamut inside the Adobe RGB 1998 colorspace. Adobe RGB 1998 is one of the bigger working spaces, but that dosn't mean that most of your images are using
high saturated colors.

So it could be that your images are looking a little bit dull after converting them.

A good solution would be to use the -g flag while profile creation as well as Adobe RGB 1998 source, but you should do this with a lot of images and this takes a lot of time.
That would give you a feature like a smart cmm.

I know, its not the "push the button" solution you may expected, but life is a bitch ;-)

Best regards,
Clemens Beisch

Am 13.05.2007 um 13:10 schrieb Bill Birkett:

I want to build an RGB profile with a perceptual table. The documentation says:

"In order to generate perceptual and saturation intent B2A tables, it is necessary to specify at least one profile to define what source gamut should be used in the source to destination gamut mapping. The -S parameter is used to do this, and doing so causes perceptual and saturation tables to be generated. If only a perceptual intent is needed, then the -s flag can be used, and the saturation intent will use the same table as the perceptual intent. Note that a input, output or display device profile should be specified, not a colorspace, device link or abstract profile."

I have a collection of several thousand automotive catalog images. These are mostly hybrid images (compositions of CGI and photographs). They are in RGB format, tagged with Adobe RGB 1998.

What is the best way to obtain the source gamut profile described in the documentation, above?


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