[argyllcms] Re: [PATCH] usb/hid: Blacklist the Gretag-Macbeth Huey display colorimeter

  • From: Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 13:16:19 +0100

Le vendredi 14 décembre 2007 à 22:46 +1100, Graeme Gill a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> >>Care to make up a patch as per the Documentation/SubmittingPatches file
> >>and send it to this list and the HID driver maintainer?  That way you
> >>get the proper credit for this change.
> > 
> > The things I do as a public service, I don't even have the damn Huey
> > myself:(
> Actually (to put it frankly), I'm amazed that this exceptions list is
> compiled into the driver. I would have thought that such a list should
> at least be in a configuration file that an installed application can
> add or delete, if not something more sophisticated.

Something more sophisticated will happen someday, this is what we have

> What will happen if the
> HID driver is fixed to allow arbitrary messages, and I want to switch
> back to using it rather than libusb ?

Then the person doing the HID code fix should remove the blacklist entry
at the same time.

> And the question still remains as to why usb_detach_kernel_driver_np()
> works fine on some systems (ie. the one I'm testing on), and not (apparently)
> others.

I'm not saying it does not work, I'm saying I don't want my users to
fool with kernel modules when we know the default should not be HID for
huey right now. If you prefer enhancing the kernel HID driver, and
switching argyll to it, just do it. I don't care as long as I don't have
to maintain workarounds distro-side.

Nicolas Mailhot

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