[argyllcms] Re: OS X 10.9 Mavericks has broken LUT manipulation

  • From: Graeme Gill <graeme@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 11:36:46 +1100

Martin Diers wrote:

> new_dispwin: CGDisplayModePixelEncoding = '--------RRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGBBBBBBBB'
> new_dispwin: CGDisplayGammaTableCapacity = 1024

Hmm. Well it seem that 10.9 is giving us contradictory information. On the one 
it's saying that the frame buffer is 8 BPP, and on the other hand it's saying
that the VideoLUT tables have 1024 entries. That leaves us guessing as to
what's actually going on. Is the frame buffer really 8 bits and only 256
entries of the VideoLUT is being used ? If so, which entries ? The top
256, the bottom 256 of something else ? Or is the frame buffer really 10 bits 
deep ??

We're not likely to get any answer from Apple, so we're left with guessing + 
and error.

I've modified these:
to believe the VideoLUT depth information. See
what happens.

Graeme Gill.

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