[argyllcms] Re: Number of patches - well behaved printer?

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  • Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 18:23:51 +0000

On 25 Feb 2011, at 18:03, Iliah Borg wrote:

Well, than it is just a matter of time and/or money. Short version, take some films your customers use most, shoot CC24 Passport using bracketed exposures, process the films, scan them, print them, read the prints with a spectro, make 2 types of profiles:
a. transforms from target values to scanned values
b. transforms from scanned values to print readings.

I'd be happy to do that if you, or anybody else says that this process is working for them on anything other than the roll of negative with the ColorChecker in it!

In tests we did a decade ago we exposed multiple rolls of negative with the same targets and bracketing, sent them to different labs and still couldn't get them to match!

In theory it sounds fine -- and maybe in a closed loop within a single lab it can work too? But is anybody doing this successfully in the real world (and outside of a closed loop)?

Martin Orpen
Idea Digital Imaging Ltd

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