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On 24 Feb 2011, at 12:30, Iliah Borg wrote:

But of course, chart is on the film. Reproduction here is of a physical object, that is why we are operating measured values, not the desired values. So, in your words - "the chart on the film" is the subject of reproduction. This allows to approximate how the particular film responds to the light.

How useful are the results of this process?

I looked at trying to profile negatives on our drum scanners more than a decade ago but the results were very poor.

You could build a good profile from a correctly exposed test image but variations in over/under exposure in real world images rendered the profiles useless.

And, as you also need to incorporate a wide choice of print papers into colour managment, I didn't really see how profiling would be faster or better than having a good scanner operator getting the colour right during scanning?

We do build custom targets and profiles for photographic papers which work very well -- but I've never seen a profile for a negative stock that would give consistent or acceptable results for high-end work.

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