[argyllcms] Re: New monitor - How to remove old profile and names?

  • From: Florian Höch <lists+argyllcms@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2015 00:12:33 +0200


Am 28.08.2015 um 23:40 schrieb Jonas Vondran:

I'm using Xubuntu 12.04, dispcalGUI 3.0.4 and argyllCMS 1.3.3.

I calibrated my monitor a long time ago. Today I got a new one and I can
not find how to disable the old profile. It is loaded every time on boot up.
I would like to delete it and see how the image turns up uncalibrated.

XFCE doesn't have a color control panel like Gnome or KDE, so I assume
the only thing that's loading calibration is the dispcalGUI calibration
loader which basically calls Argyll's dispwin, which in turn reads the
profile associations from $HOME/.config/color.jcnf, so you can open that
file in a text editor to see where the profiles are saved, or delete it.

Also in dispcalGUI everywhere the name of my old monitor is shown
although in the NVIDIA settings for example the new monitor is shown

There's mostly three places where the monitor name can appear in dispcalGUI:

* Existing profiles listed under "Settings"
* Detected displays on the "Display & instrument" tab
* On the "Profiling" tab, in the "Name" field


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