[argyllcms] Re: Neutralize Grey Axis

  • From: Graeme Gill <graeme@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 19:12:14 +1100

Nikolay Pokhilchenko wrote:
The user is professional photographer and he
comparing the prints with prints from, for example, minilab. The papers is 
differ, and
his aim is to achieve the same impressions from the prints. The profiles from 
Espon or
X-Rite are more pleasant than ArgyllCMS ones it this specific case (the printer 
and the
paper are same).

Hmm. Sounds like a slightly odd situation, more similar to side by side proofing
than standalone printing. The best approach is really to choose a different
sort of paper, one with a white point that is more similar to what it's being
compared to. Another might be to use absolute appearance intent (-taa) and
fiddle the destination viewing condition white point, as Klaus suggested.
(ie. use the white point of the other paper).

[Argyll's perceptual intent is intended to make the best use of the gamut
 of the output medium in a standalone viewing situation. Making it sort of
 look like some other medium, but not quite, is not something I've allowed for,
 and possibly falls into the "creative tweaking" category. ]

Graeme Gill.

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