[argyllcms] Re: Monitor profiles and their (black point?) "readability"

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When Firefox renders images with color management on, it will modify the RGB
colors before displaying.

So if you make print screen or sample the colors, you will  get numeric
errors in RGB numbers. (I don't know about Safari)



Firefox 3 with its extension
<http://seanhayes.name/2008/06/16/color-management-04/>  is now color



Sorry, I didn't express clearly, what I intended to say.

The color management is actually the reason to the problem, I tried to

I was trying to say, that we should be aware, when sampling colors from a
color managed Internet browser.

The RGB values can no longer be read correctly from screen, when color
management is used.
When I see a palette I need, and I cannot download it as a file, I can't
just make a screen dump from Firefox 3 (color managed).

Instead I will open the palette in Internet Explorer, and dump it (or sample
it) from there.

My remark about this RGB sampling problem, just came as a side remark, when
I commented on the "dirty" upload site you are using.


I actually installed the new Firefox 3 release yesterday, after I had a disk
crash last week.

I have used Firefox 3 Beta color managed for months, and I have not seen any
big difference to Photoshop's rendering.


I am getting this when I click on your link:

"All download slots assigned to your country (Thailand) are currently in
use. Please try again in a few hours.


Try again. Too many downloads in Thailand :-)




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