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Of course! My example is quite extreme. But I remember the days when some 
designers was keeping their CRT displays tuned to local minilab or local 
printer. It was not a color management, it was device-depended workflow. The 
default profile was sRGB, but in the reality - a far from sRGB. In that 
situation I had to profile their displays "as is" and, to export artworks, have 
used their display ICC profiles as source color spaces.

Sat, 31 Mar 2012 16:02:54 -0400 от Roger Breton <graxx@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
This is an extreme example of bad color management practice or lack thereof. 
Hopefully, most users operate under some decent default color space such as 
sRGB. But other than this extreme example, I personally never seen a case where 
a monitor profile could be used in a color conversion as the Source. They are 
meant to be used as the Destination, not the Source.
Best / Roger
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Hi, Mauro!

Monitor profile can be source of conversion in cases when the image painted or 
edited directly in the monitor color space. For example, the results of  
creative work at a workstation without any color management. They will be 
straight into the monitor color space. In such cases the RGB numbers of the 
image represents directly the monitor color space in which the image was 
created or edited. So, to bring such images to standard or just to print them 
correctly, You should use certain monitor ICC profile as source in conversion 
If You've got an artwork and the display of painter workstation wasn't profiled 
and was far from standard, the artwork appearance on painter display and on 
Your display will be different. You will be unable to view or print the artwork 
correctly. In this case You can initiate the profiling of the painter display 
(without display calibration and tuning). After the profiling You can assign 
the profile to already obtained artworks and get the same color as the painter 

Sat, 31 Mar 2012 20:02:44 +0200 от Mauro Boscarol <mauro@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hi all.
I have a general question:
In which cases the ICC profile of a monitor is used as the source of a color 
For monitor compensation and soft proof the monitor profile is used as 
There are typical cases in which the monitor profile is used as the conversion 
Thank you.
Mauro Boscarol

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