[argyllcms] Re: Lost shadow detail in PS CS2 with Lab profile

  • From: Vallo Kallaste <kalts@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 01:36:35 +0200

On Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 10:08:24PM +0200, Vallo Kallaste <kalts@xxxxxxxxx>

> The green-magenta shifts are present with uncalibrated monitor and Argyll
> is able to correct them. The shifts are there because of my messing with
> monitor Custom RGB settings, trying to get near the 6500K white point.
> Without messing with Custom RGB the grays are somewhat neutral over the
> tonality range but the native WP is too high for me at ~7800K. Skin tones
> are pale and everything seems to have faint green cast. So I opted to mess
> with Custom RGB and use better calibration software afterwards to correct
> for those shifts. The other way is to leave it at native and correct for
> white point by calibration but 1200K seems excessive. Honestly, I don't
> know which way would be better.

With regard to Dell 3008WFP.
It seems that results are better leaving the monitor at it's native
settings and correcting by calibrating the video card LUT. My Radeon 3600
LUT has 10-bit depth. Calibration severely downs the brightness so it's
trial and error for setting the initial brightness to arrive at ~120...130
cd/m² luminosity after calibration. As the final white point temp gets
lower so grows the discrepancy between initial and final brightness, also
the final contrast gets lower and lower.. I have serious doubts that I
could ever have D55 on this monitor with good contrast.. D65 is just too
plain cold for me to look at.
Lowering the white point temp. by calibration causes weird effect:
calibration does not affect mouse cursor and it looks as native white.
Native white cursor against D65 calibrated background looks green-white.
As I understand this is expected because it's overlayed hardware cursor..
Vallo Kallaste

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