[argyllcms] Re: Lacie Blue Eye.

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  • Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 14:13:12 -0400

I don't have the ArgyllCMS web pages open, but there is an option to either
dispcal or dispread that invokes the DTP94 calibration mode--you must place
the puck on a dark, preferably black, surface, so that all ambient light is
excluded, and the instrument will go through some kind of self-test, the
results of which are stored in the instrument. Perhaps that calibration data
is missing, hence the error message.

Pure speculation, of course.

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     I've just acquired a Lacie Blue Eye, which libusb recognises as a
     Monaco Optix, (vendor 0670 device 0001).

     When attempting to run dispcal, it just gives me the error
     message dispread: Error - new_dispread failed with 'Instrument Access

     running spotread gives me the error message
     Instrument initialisation failed with 'Hardward Failure' (CRT
calibration values
     aren't set).

     I'd appreciate any clues as to what is wrong. I also realise that this
     a pretty out of date piece of hardware, so it's possible that I'm just
     SOL, however the Monaco is listed as supported.

     Thanks in advance

     Mike K.

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