[argyllcms] Re: Input profile with several rednering intent tags

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  • Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2016 10:40:54 +0100

Good morning,

thank you very much for your reply.

You can't. It doesn't make any sense in terms of how ArgyllCMS deals with intents.

ArgyllCMS's approach to gamut mapping is to create an overall optimized gamut
mapping from a source space to destination space, and implement that either
in a device link, or in the perceptual and/or saturation B2A table. For this
reason ArgyllCMS doesn't create different transformations in A2B tables, and
(by default) only uses colorimetric A2B tables when linking profiles.

Hope that explains things.

Unfortunately, not quite. I am not an expert in colour management, I am just at the beginning of the learning curve :-).

1) With "colprof" I can specify one of the default rendering intents with -Z, according to the documentation. What does this mean in the context of what you described?

2) As far as I understood the procedures, the rendering intent comes into play when I go from the PCS to the output. That is why I have to choose among the 4 intents in SilverFast HDR, whith which I produce the output image (in Adobe RGB 1998) from the raw scan data using the input profile (created with either SilverFast or with Argyll). So at the time I create the profile, I do not yet know anything about the destination space (will it be Adobe RGB or will it be sRGB or will it be ProPhoto, ...), into which I will transform the image. So how can Argyll optimize the profile in this respect? Obviously, I am misunderstanding something here. Perhaps you can give me some hints, where I am wrong.

Many thanks and best wishes


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