[argyllcms] Re: Importing SpyderPrint (Datacolor 1005) readings with Argyll 1.4.0

  • From: Juan José Ferrer <jjferrerlugea@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2014 18:53:19 +0200

Thanks a lot for write me as quickly. I'll try to explain better with my horrible english, sorry.

I was studying how to profile my printer (Epson Stylus PRO 3800 ) a few months ago. I was going to buy refillable cartridges and I wanted to begin to learn how make good profiles seriosly. I have a Spyder 3 kit and I'm not very happy with it. For the displays I never had good profiles and for the printer... I printed always greenish pictures. At this momnet I can't buy other hardware.

I check your software to calibrate a pair of displays and, for the first time, I had very similar colors in both displays. After that I was looking for printer calibration and I readed that you helped Fernando to "translate" from a xml file with patch readings from spyder software to the .ti3 format.

Yesterday I was playing with your software. I make a small target page and I printed it . I readed the patches with the spyder 3 software and I have an xml file.
I have a ti1 and ti2 files but I'm lost with the ti3 format.

I remember your messages between Fernando Carello and you about the same problem but now only I find the first message.

Do you have any document that explain how to do the migration? If there isn't software made for this I can program a script for this.

Best regards,

P.S. I readed that somebody was trying to read the data from the device but I only saw a month of messages. I can help with this if it's possible.

On 13/06/14 01:00, Graeme Gill wrote:
Juanjo Ferrer wrote:
I'm in the same point as Fernando last year. A few months ago I was
preparing how to profile the printer and I found a few messages of this thread.
   Today I find only this message. Please, Is there any document explaining
the process?
        the Datacolor 1005 is not directly supported. I'm not sure exactly what
you are attempting - can you provide some more detail ? i.e. is there a 
measurement file that you wish to import ?

Graeme Gill.

Juanjo Ferrer Lugea

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