[argyllcms] Huey not functioning with argyllV0.70Beta7_win32_exe.zip version, Windows XP.

  • From: "C" <ml-argyllcms712@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 23:15:33 -0800

Greetings all, and thanks to Graeme Gill for making ArgyllCMS!

I've just been getting started using ArgyllCMS with Huey.
I've successfully used it on LINUX and thought I'd give the
Windows XP beta version a try to calibrate it as well on another system.

I don't seem to be having any success with the binary windows beta version
talking to Huey though.

dispread --help
dispcal --help

...both crash (when the Huey is connected) and offer to send an error report to
Microsoft right as they're printing:
 -c listno            Set communication port from the following list (default 1)

doubtlessly as they're starting to iterate the USB devices.

The crash does *NOT* occur when the Huey is NOT plugged in to a USB port of the 

I've got ArgyllCMS/libusbw and ArgyllCMS/bin in my path (cygwin),
and neither complain about missing DLLs now (which they did before
I added libusbw to my path though I had the bindir in the path).
I didn't change the "system" PATH via the control panel, though
I expect I shouldn't need to do this since it apparently finds the DLL
and loads / runs the executable.

The HUEY's PID/VID shows up as a Human Interface Device managed by
Microsoft's default driver, and I took no steps to change the
driver / inf file associated with the device.

According to what I read in the instructions cited hereafter, this should be a
sufficient / correct setup:

> Note that the "Huey" colorimeter appears as an HID (USB Human Interface 
Device Class) device, and hence will
> be assigned to the default MSWindows HID driver, rather than popping a "New 
Hardware" dialog.
> If your version of Argyll has been compiled with MSWindows HID driver support 
(as the binary distribution does),
> then you do not need to install an Argyll libusbw driver. If your version of 
Argyll does not have HID driver
> support (no DDK available), then you will need to switch the "Huey" from the 
HID driver to a libusbw driver (see below).
> If you currently have applications other than Argyll accessing your USB 
connected instrument,
> then you have a choice to make. You can replace the existing USB drivers used 
on that device with the ones provided
> with Argyll, using the MSWindows device manager to "update drivers" for that 
device, browsing for, then selecting
> the .inf file provided with Argyll. Once the Argyll drivers are installed, 
you can most easily switch between the
> different drivers using "update drivers", and using  the "display a list of known 
drivers" option, switching backwards
> and forwards between the original drivers and the Argyll drivers. Note that for the 
"Huey" colorimeter when
> not using the HID driver support, you will have to locate the device labelled "USB 
Human Interface Device"
> that corresponds to the "Huey", and "update" it to the Argyll supplied 
"Huey.inf" libusbw driver. You can then switch backwards and forwards the same as other devices.

After the first attempts failed as above, I was looking to try to change the 
driver associated with Huey to the
libusb ones and the aforementioned huey.inf file.   As it turns out, I don't 
see a huey.inf file in the zipfile
distribution of ArgyllCMS Beta 7, so that may be a problem with the 
distribution packaging.

I'm at a bit of a loss to find a way to proceed to get the Windows binary 
version of the software working with Huey
short of debugging / recompiling it.

Is the huey.inf file available somewhere?

Has anyone else gotten Huey working with the 0.70 Beta 7 of ArgyllCMS under a 
MS Windows operating system?

Is there any benefit in installing the Huey's Pantone software package to get a 
new driver / inf file
(I haven't installed it, and didn't intend to, thanks to the better overall 
capabilities of ArgyllCMS).

Perhaps a simply program that iterates and lists all the devices on the USB bus 
via libusbw would be a good addition
to ArgyllCMS's distribution to help people who have USB colorimeters determine 
if the libusb stuff is
working properly with their systems.

Thanks again for the great software package of ArgyllCMS and all
the good information in this list!

Oh PS re: the list -- I haven't run across a very effective way to
search the archives (short of an internet search engine) or to
download archived .tar.gz versions of the past history for local searching.
So maybe someone else has answered the problem, but if so I haven't found
the messages relevant to it.  It'd be great if it was more
search able / down loadable concerning the past history!

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