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Hi Alan,
I have got Epson Stylus Pro 3800, but under Linux I can't use ABW.
Therefore the only way is a color profile from  grey patches only (for now I wish to stay with original inks)??
Do I well understood??



On 11/28/2017 04:41 PM, Alan Goldhammer (Redacted sender agoldhammer for DMARC) wrote:

Which printer are you using?

Does it have a dedicated B&W mode?   This is important as the major inkjet printers use much less colored ink so you can get a darker black and a better tonal gradation.  I have an Epson 3880 and you can see the difference in the amount of colored ink drops using Epson’s ABW print mode: http://forum.luminous-landscape.com/index.php?topic=121761.msg1013383#msg1013383

Argyll does not support preparing dedicated B&W profiles. However, you can increase the number of grey patches using the ‘-f’ command in targen.  I add 51 patches when I generate a set for profiling.

There are also other approaches such as using only carbon based ink sets as described here: http://www.paulroark.com/BW-Info/

Hope this helps.


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Hi  All,

first I want to say I'm at  the beginning when we speak about color management....

1) What one can do on Linux to get good black and white printing with Argyll?

2) Main issue in grey neutrality..what and how can I do it??

3) Why a good profile can't work with B&W images?

My apologies if I said nonsense words.


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