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Thanks for putting this together.  You have hit on the problem that all of
us face, bad typing skills!  ;-)   The big problems are the commands that
have lots of flags to set or names to type in.  I've addressed this by
creating sample commands that can be cut and pasted into the Windows Notepad
utility where one can proof the command line and then paste it in (I
maintain all these in a flow chart file).  Your Java approach is much more
elegant and I for one encourage you to keep going.


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I've been lurking this group for a while.
I learnt from you guys a lot and I switched to using Argyll for all my needs
with better results than i received from certain commercial software and I
have lately had a strange feeling that I'm a sponger.

My problem with Argyll is that i make heaps of typo mistakes with CMD. 
What really frustrates me, so I have learnt a bit of java and started
writing a GUI for Argyll tools. I included an attachment of the GUI for
Targen and the Java code for it.  This Program copies a command to clipboard
which you can paste to CMD and run it without "typos!''
Currently I'm working on Coolprof Applycal Chartread Printcal and Printtarg.
I will appreciate any comments and I will apply the idea's to the program.


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