[argyllcms] Graeme's plans for the future? -- DISCUS

  • From: Roger Breton <graxx@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2010 11:44:33 -0400

Judging by the photograph displayed on basiCColor web site, the DISCUS looks
a lot like Sencore ColorPro V.

Looking at the specs of the DISCUS colorimeter, I get the following :

Messbereich (effective range):
   Luminanz: 0,05 bis 2.500 cd/qm (from 0,05 to 2500 cd/m2 -- OK)
   Chromaticity: 0,05 bis 2.500 cd/qm (0,05 to 2500 cd/m2 -- I am not sure
what to make of this spec?)

Genauigkeiten (accuracy):
   Luminanz: +/-2% 1 digit ( 1 ~500cd/m2 ) --- Same as Minolta CA-210,
spec'd at ±2%, ±1 digit of reading 
   Chromaticity: +/-0.002 Illuminant D65 -- Same as CA-210, spec'd at :
±0.002 for white @160 cd/m2
   Chromaticity: +/-0.0025 CCT 4000-15000K -- in order words, DISCUS is
optimized for D65
   Chromaticity: +/-0.0065 für andere Farben (for other colors) -- Sencore
CP6000 ColorPro V is spec'd at ± 0.006

Kalibrierung: PTB traceable

On comment on all these instruments's traceability. I made a trip last
spring at NIST, during a CORM meeting, and they said that a lot of
instrument manufacturers incorrectly label their instrument "NIST or
PTB-traceable" when in actuality, it is the *lamp* that they use to make the
measurements that are NIST or PTB-traceable. Or have I got that wrong?

This being said, I might be interested in using a DISCUS myself, provided a
lot of conditions are right. I mean, there would be little point using such
an expensive instrument with software that does not take full advantage of
its advanced capabilities, right? So this means that, until Karl Koch donate
a DISCUS to Graeme, for support in Argyll, it's not going to happen. And
even then, who would Graeme be adding DISCUS support for? At US$1100 a
crack, I don't know too many users who are crazy enough to buy this
instrument out of curiosity -- maybe yours truly ... ;-)

Now, one last bit of information, if I might. As I said before, anyone
really interested in this instrument is going to expect to take full
advantage of it. This means, yes, using the basiCColor Display software,
since it's bundled with the instrument and since it's designed to take full
advantage of its capabilities. But, that's not all, IMO, because, more
critically, the monitor where the DISCUS will be used  better be fully
supported by the software! Suppose I buy the system and plan to use it on my
"high-end" monitor, which features internal hardware LUT. Suppose further
that basICColor Display does not support my monitor at the hardware level
(I've seen this). Then what : I've paid all this money for sub-optimal
results? Better carefully look at the specs of the package *before*

Incidently, Graeme, not only do you need a sample of all the instruments you
want to support in Argyll, in order to test and debug, but if we'd want to
go further, you would also need a sample of monitors you want to support
with those instruments, in order to test and debug too -- would you care for
a NEC PA241W? Otherwise, Argyll is never going to be able to calibrate any
system at the "hardware", monitor internal LUT level, right?

Best / Roger

BTW, I've been kicked-out of the ColorSync List -- for no apparent reason. I
realize I would have like to put this post on the ColorSync List too, but it
seems this List has more interested readers these days ;-)

> > What do you think about new high-end basICColor DISCUS colorimeter
> > that is not very expensive?
> I haven't come across it, as it seems to have only been announce recently.
> seem rather expensive for an end user colorimeter (suggested price US$1100
> - 1200), so I don't imagine it would be of much interest to many ArgyllCMS
> users.

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