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Hi Alan,

I guess what I meant is that although we understand the basic principle of
OBC (that is, to compensate for the effect of UV on the OBAs), in practical
terms we seem pretty fuzzy about the usefulness or effectiveness of OBC.

I completely agree that using papers with no OBAs or very little is a good
move.  I use Canson Platine, Canson Arches Aquarelle (no OBAs in either) and
Canson Baryta (which has just a little OBA as far as I can see).  

However I also need to use the Canson Photo HiGloss as I use this paper to
laminate under acrylic and it does have a fair amount of OBAs (again, as far
as I can see).  I do often know the illuminant (or can find out),
particularly for galleries and exhibitions, so I would like to know the
effectiveness of OBC for this paper.  But at this point I'm not convinced
that it's worth the trouble.

As for yellowing on papers that have OBAs ... well, they will just end up as
papers with less OBAs and so they will look yellower.  I'm not sure that
this is a problem, unless they end up being much yellower than a paper like
the Platine which has no OBAs. Is that what happens, do you know?


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I'm not so sure this is the case.  Most of us who have experimented with
lots of different types of papers have settled on those with no OBAs or
those having minimal amounts.  There is a lot of data on print permanence
between different papers and you can clearly see the paper white change with
papers having large amounts of OBA which leads to premature yellowing.  The
only papers I use that have any OBA content are Ilford Gold Fiber Silk (I
have not tested the new version from the company following it's reemergence
after bankruptcy and that paper may be somewhat different) and Hahnemuhle
Photo Rag Ultrasmooth.  I did not do anything other than the normal Argyll
profiling since one really doesn't have much control if any over where and
how prints will be displayed.  I've got a bunch of prints hanging in various
office building under wildly different lighting conditions and any attempt
to correct for this through profiling would be a fool's errand on my part.

Just my opinion.


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In general, based on the various discussions on LL, it seems that a lot of
people claim to understand OBC, but a bit of digging shows that really they
do not, and most people don't bother with it because they have no way of
seeing the benefits (assuming that there really are benefits).


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