[argyllcms] Re: FW: Profiling Epson ABW Print Driver

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Thanks.  Just as you were posting I was looking at the options for
'chartread' and I figured this out as well.  It's easy enough to prepare the
51 step wedge using targen and then move through the Argyll tools to read
it.  I'm going to give this method a try.  I just use the following command
to read the file:  chartread -v -l 51_step_ti2  This then gives me a ti3
file that I can open in Excel and sort for use in QTR.


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it's relatively simple to read the 51-step wedge with chartread (you 
must have a *.ti2) and i1Pro: you have to measure Lab data, the results 
you have to sort (for L) and then you may save only the Lab data as 
*.txt file. A sample file may only have text like this:

>>>> Rest snipped out <<<<<<<<<

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