[argyllcms] Re: FW: Profiling Epson ABW Print Driver

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I'm sure Argyll allows you to define a patch geometry and read, it.
The good thing about Argyll is that it allows you to do just about anything,
and does it pretty well.
The bad thing about Argyll is that whatever you want to do, you need to
figure out how to do it, and most normal users are put in a position where
they give up.

A friend of mine once said "It's the nature of computer programmers that
they pose puzzles and expect other people to solve them". I guess Jocks at
school humiliate Nerds by knocking them senseless, while the nerds  later in
life humiliate the nerds by inflicting software manacles on them, or in the
case of Wall Street nerds, magically making their money and house disappear,
perfectly legally.

On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 4:47 PM, Alan Goldhammer <agoldhammer@xxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Ernst,
> Thanks for the comments.  The price is not the issue here but rather the
> extra steps that one has to do using QTR.  The problem is the legacy
> X-Rite/GM applications are not available any longer.  My i1 Pro came
> bundled
> with the new Profilemaker software but that only allows you to do  monitor
> calibrations and I would have to pay the upgrade price to get functionality
> to read print target patches.  Argyll CMS has a 'spotread' utility that
> permits the measurement of LAB values which I think is all that is needed
> for making profiles using QTR.  I would have to read individual patches
> which is laborious if one is going to do repeat measurements to make sure
> there is no error in reading.  What would be more useful is if I could
> print
> out a patch set and use one of the other Argyll tools to use the scanning
> function of the i1 which is certainly a lot easier.  However, I think
> Argyll
> is configured to use its own tools in preparing and reading targets which
> may lead to different sets of patches than Roy has.
> I'm going to continue to look into this.  I've gotten to the point where
> Argyll is quite easy to use and intuitively I thought how easy it is to
> print out a B/W target set and read it.
> Alan
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> The price of QTR at 50$ can hardly be called steep. Shareware + free
> upgrades. If you only use the profiling tool I think you could donate
> less. It is more a moral obligation than anything else.
> When Roy started with it I followed the developments from day one and
> paid the price as it could drive a quad ink customised Epson 9000. When
> the linearisation and profiling tools became available I measured the
> targets with a SpectroCam and converted the files that QTR's tools could
> use them. It is even simpler with the Eye 1 models and you do not need
> any extra software but some free X-Rite or GM applications. I am sure
> someone could send you them. I have to check what there is in my
> archive, Windows though. Any Lab or Density measurements file would be
> sufficient, the Lab one allows as an extra the creation of a profile
> with a color softproof side (not more than that though, the printed B&W
> color can not be influenced by it). I am not familiar enough with
> ArgyllCMS but it would surprise me if there is no tool that can deliver
> either Lab or Density values from (custom) greyscale targets + an Eye 1
> and deliver them to the QTR profiler.
> I have some issues with Color Center on my HP Z models right now but
> some months ago I made some greyscale targets to measure with the Z's on
> board spectrometers. Export in Color Center makes files available that
> are usable too for QTR's profiling tool and for more tasks. As soon as I
> get the issues solved I will continue with that work. For about 4 years
> I have the "ABW" of the Z3100 model QTR profiled with the SpectroCam so
> without using the internal spectrometer.
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