[argyllcms] Re: FW: Profiling Epson ABW Print Driver

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Alan, I haven't tried this but would be very interested in the result. I'd
be curious to know how many patches would be needed for an "optimized"
result. It may be useful in suggesting how many gray scale patches (in
general) would be appropriate for a given paper even when doing a color+gray


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I do a lot of B&W printing using the Epson ABW print driver.  It gives a
darker black than the normal RGB driver and an almost linear response.  It
just occurred to me that I can use Argyll to prepare a set of B/W target
patches and this should allow me to make a profile for this print driver
that will give me the linearity that I desire.  Have any in the Argyll user
community tried this and if so, what type of results did you achieve?  I'm
going to go ahead and give it a try for one paper and see what the results
are.  I will use the targen -d0 command to prepare the targets.  I know that
Eric Chan (an Adobe software engineer; I have provided him with paper to do
so) has prepared such profiles and uses a 51 step gray scale to do this.
I'll use this as a starting point and do another target with some more



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